About JS Ewers

From a quiet field in beautiful rural Appleby to one of New Zealand’s largest growers.

Humble Beginnings

The tale begins with company founder John Ewers, a young boy patiently growing produce in a true old-fashioned style. At 15, John joined his parents, growing in the productive soils of nearby Patons Road – manually watering crops by hand without the luxury of modern irrigation. Working alongside his parents John developed an ability to combine family life with work life, forging the enduring roots of the JS Ewers culture that remains alive today.

In 1972, the Ewers purchased an orchard property at Blackbyre Road in Appleby, which they rapidly began to transform from 20 acres of fruit production to outdoor vegetable growing. Early crops included cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, and turnips.

1983 saw the introduction of indoor growing in plastic houses, adding the ability to warm the soils and begin producing wonderful, flavoursome tomatoes – a product the company is now highly regarded for.

Modern Growth 

From 1991 JS Ewer's investment in glasshouses revolutionised production capacity. The use of technology to support growth and production has been a cornerstone of the story from the early years to the present day. 1994 saw the introduction of soilless cultivation and in 2001 hanging gutter technology added another modern element to the story – taking production and product quality to new levels.

With the involvement of MG in recent years the expansion continued with the addition of leased glasshouses and outdoor growing land across the Waimea Plains, including the introduction of a biomass boiler which decarbonised the operation by 98%.

In 2023 four hectares of covered berry crops was added to the farm. Add to the mix a stellar passionate workforce of 140 and 200 people (depending on the time of year) the operation can proudly call itself one of the largest producers of both indoor and outdoor produce in New Zealand.

JS Ewers has come a long way since the 1970's. Today it operates one of the most sophisticated growing operations in the country, with 13 hectares of glasshouse, 250 hectares of outdoor land, and a four-hectare undercover berryfruit operation, producing fresh produce 365 days of the year.

Growing Region 

Nelson’s climate and unique soils are what's key to the success of this business. Long sunshine hours, combined with a temperate climate help create the perfect growing environment to allow for the 365 days of the year growing operation.
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MG and JS Ewers

JS Ewers Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of MG.  It strives for continuous innovation to bring the best fresh products and varieties to New Zealand consumers year-round.

MG was established in 1923 by a small band of resolute growers to leverage greater value for their produce. It was from these humble beginnings that the foundations were laid for a successful co-operative that values the benefits of shared knowledge and collective capability.

Today MG represents over 400 grower shareholders. As a leading supplier of top-quality produce, both home-grown and from abroad, MG’s integral close relationships with retail chains and independent outlets make them a leading supplier of produce in New Zealand today. Now, as a subsidiary of MG, there are career opportunities in all areas of the supply chain, from growing the produce, through to sales.

Meet the team at JS Ewers

The team at JS Ewers is like a family, and we produce amazing products. Get to know our team!

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