Natural pollination, warmth & protection creates an environment where flavour and quality is maximised - nature at its best.

js ewers product toms classic
icon tomato generic

A tomato for every occasion and use, snacking, sweet, low acid and more, each one has a unique flavour and texture.

All JS Ewers tomatoes are packed using high-quality, food-safe, eco-friendly punnets made from recycled PET.

js ewers product capsicum single v2
icon capsicum

Bright Red, Orange or Yellow varieties are available with their own unique taste. Sweet and crunchy, they are perfect raw in salads, stuffed and baked or tossed in your favourite stir-fry.

js ewers product eggplant
icon eggplant

Such an underrated taste delight. Their texture is perfect for absorbing and accentuating the flavours you add. Try them grilled, stuffed or roasted.

Our Growing Practices

From planting to picking, packaging to the shelf, all of our produce is handled with delicate care in a sustainable fashion, all the way to you.

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